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Old Love Keeps On Burning

Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 1987 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Crystal night it leaves me cold
trembling in my bed
and you have moved on to another
    place and time
I wonder where you are
I wonder who you're with
But that doesn't matter much now that
I had to let you go...
Old love keeps on burning...

The child that's in my heart
she wants to stay out all night
and swing as high as she can
to brush against the trees...
but the moon it brings her back
the streets are dark and dangerous
but she makes it safe inside
where your steps still echo in my head...
old love keeps on burning...

Well had it been another time
before I met this blue-eyed man
who holds me soft and gently...
    almost evey night
He lets me sing my song
He lets me step right or wrong
and you would do the same if I
    only let you in...
old love keeps on burning...

Silver steel she rattles the tracks
I hear her whistle in my walls
and it makes me think of all the places
    I have never been...
I want to see their worlds
I want to hear their stories too
and take a little with me wherever I go...
Old love keeps on burning...
Old love keeps on burning...
Old love keeps on burning...

Denice Franke - Acoustic guitar, vocal.
Mike Sumler - Acoustic and electric guitars.
Glenn Fukunaga - Electric bass.

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