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Words & Music by Denice Franke
© 1999 de nICE gIRL Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

I don't mind to stay at home when you're not with me
I like it dark, I keep it cool, I sip my belvedere
friends keep trying to come inside
"come on out, let's play tonight!"
"keep it down, go take the town
don't take it personally"

baby, you're gone
the work takes you on
far away from me
you stay too long, the ache's prolonged
we feel it intensely
if we can hold out one more night
tomorrow we'll hold each other tight
"just come on in here, leave your things right there
I won't take it personally"

your eyes don't hide what you keep inside
for only just a moment
and the smells from the stove hit you at the door
you smile gingerly
"I'll take your bags, I'll take your coat"
you sigh as the red wine hits your throat
"kick off your shoes, shake off those blues
you have arrived safely"

we sit in silence scraping forks and knives
across desert rose plates
you look so pretty in the candlelight
the shadows on your face
she looks at me, I look at her
we don't speak the spoken word
call it chemistry, call it history
we don't take it personally

well, the life on the road takes a heavy toll
you can't get home fast enough
and the one you need is the one you see
waitin' at the door for you
telephone welcoming you home
"when you comin' over? don't be long"
"I'm gonna stay right here with my honey dear
don't take it personally"...

Denice Franke - Vocal, acoustic guitar.
Mike Sumler - Piano.
James Gilmer - Percussion.
Gene Elders - Violin.
Eric Taylor - Bass.

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